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When Mayhem is a marketing bliss.

  • February 16, 2017
  • dcambaxp
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“Random or deliberate violence or damage.” That’s the definition of “Mayhem”.

Consider a 17-year-old girl driving her pink SUV and whose “BFF” texted her that she just kissed Johnny at school. Naturally she reads the text while still behind the wheel when she’s cruising in the parking lot (kids these days). That’s a problem, because she likes Johnny. Emotionally compromised, mayhem happens. Wanna see what this mayhem can be like, in a visual sense? By all means, watch this video:

While comedy is effective in advertising, this Allstate commercial is using a visual story telling tactic to engage the audience and effectively market the brand. They embrace conflict and resolve it in 30 seconds (that is, they present a situation and offer the solution with their insurance plans). Do you want to avoid “mayhem”? Allstate is there to help, that’s the message.

I found this article (Links to an external site.) that provides 4 different story telling tactics that work. I think Allstate did a good job with their Mayhem commercials; as you may know, they have many examples of mayhem and they use all of those tactics discussed in the article. In Spanish, the “Mayhem” character is a guy from Spain and they call him Senor Mala Suerte (Mr. Bad Luck) and caters to the Spanish speaking market. This video explains the brilliant Spanish campaign (subtitles provided).