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#BarTour2KXY, explained.

  • February 16, 2017
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Bad hombres drink and eat in here. Frontera Cocina, Disney Springs, at the heart of Orlando. Naturally, this place feels closer to home. I’m no Mexican, but after coming here, I would be proud of being one.

I learned about tequila today thanks to the very knowledgeable Mexican staff that works here. The best tequila I’ve ever had was the “Avión reserva 44 Extra Añejo”, aged for 44 months and has a smooth yet complex flavor. Try it sometime. This “premium flight” (only 37 bucks) will take you places, for sure.
My #bartour2kxy Instagram project has been a particularly enlightening educational experience for me. Bars and churches have a distinctive “confessional” environment. Whether it’s a pastor, priest, elder or bartender, both of those places bring about a unique experience for casual and deep conversations. Today I talked to a middle age white woman who sat next to me in the bar, who has 4 kids in college, and discussed everything from Trump, Muslims, Frexit and booze, all in an eloquent and civil way. Amazing conversation.

When I visited Montreal (Canada) last year, I decided to start another Instagram project, #bartour2KXY, along with the #churchtour2K1X, just to collect images of places of worship and drinking establishments everywhere I go; these are places that tend to reflect the local culture and beliefs. I think this is a great legacy of my Instagram adventures.
When I’m not on the road, I get to go to new places in my home town, Orlando, and today’s example confirms it is always a good idea to go out and explore cuz you learn a thing or two.
I will tell you all about today’s tour in a blog post later this week.
Thank you for following along. Keep scrolling my friends. •