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A short essay on the importance of storytelling for brands in social media

  • March 2, 2017
  • dcambaxp
  • Marketing


We all agree that story telling is powerful. It’s best to show and not “tell” anything (show don’t tell). Yet in social networks, content is heavily visual. You can’t escape the fact that you HAVE to show something; a picture, a video, a collage, something.
Posting only text will get you nowhere. That’s why visual story telling hides more than it shows. It must. As a result, it entices the audience to yearn for more.
I remember a post on Vine (now a defunct social network) on a series that Mercedes Benz of America called “gone in 6 seconds”, and used it as a hashtag. It showed the back of the car in front of the smartphone camera in a well-paved street in the middle of the dessert. Brown, almost red mountains embellished the surroundings of the sunny day with bright blue skies. Suddenly the vehicle accelerated forward so fast that made it seem like six seconds were a long time. At the end of the video, the once close and big Class E sedan became a tiny point in the center of the screen.
What a story! The car might have been gone in six seconds, but the narrative stayed with me.
On this regard, I found an article on social media examiner that explained that even local businesses with low marketing budgets can leverage the power of story telling by taking advantage of local events and posting information about it. The community would appreciate an inspiring local story if the business finds the right angle to it. It’s true. A local high-school concert, a food drive, a kid’s impromptu lemonade stand (you get the idea) can charm up your niche and provide your audience with an emotional connection to the brand.

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